Mr Ninja

's Quest

Hmmmm... X Marks the Spot

Mr Ninja has found a treasure map. He studies it very carefully.

Oof.. this is hard work

He works his way through the rough Key fields...

Hope the rope doesn't break...

He climbs carefully down a steep cliff face...

Now this is more like it!

He drives across the empty plain...

There should be an X here somewhere...

Mr Ninja finds the cave where the treasure is.


Oh no! A skeleton!

Swords at the ready

Mr Ninja will fight the skeleton.

Oh bother!

Oh no! Swords don't work against skeletons!

And I was saving this in case I got thirsty...

Mr Ninja remembers he has some holy water.

Bleuch! Splutter!


Ah. Yes. Do not wash.

Hurrah! That worked!


Oh no! A dragon!

Ooh, shiny...

Wait a minute! That's no ordinary dragon! That's the treasure!

I love a happy ending

Mr Ninja and his new friend go home for tea.

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All original work 2001-2007 Claire Simpson.
Thanks to Lego and Fujifilm for the inspiration and tools that make this possible.