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Mr Ninja
Hello, Mr Ninja! Here is Mr Ninja, saying hello. He is really very pleased to welcome you to his very own web site. At first, he wasn't sure what he should write here, so I suggested that he describe himself for the benefit of those who haven't met him before. He went away for a while to think, then came back and dictated the following to me:

'I am about 41mm tall. My eyes are black, as is my hair, and my skin is yellow. I am a fully trained ninja and I live in a castle on the top of a large mountain. I enjoy riding, swimming, swordfighting and having adventures.

'I would like to meet a woman the same height as me with a good sense of humour and a sense of adventure, for friendship and possibly romance. Ninja skills are not essential, but athletic ability would be an advantage'

I told him that this wasn't quite what I meant, but he said it was good enough and besides, you never know. So for the moment at least, that is how he will present himself to the world.

Mr Ninja's exciting adventures are all presented here for your pleasure, along with those of some of his friends. There are also some other bits and bobs, rare interviews and some stuff of my own that he very kindly agreed to let me put here in exchange for writing the pages for him (typing is hard when you're as small as he is). So just follow the links:

The Adventures of Mr Ninja and Friends

An exclusive interview with Konishiwa! Magazine

The NinjaCam

Mr Ninja moves! See Mr Ninja Takes a Stand in Japanese with English subtitles.

The Duck-Rabbit Conspiracy Revealed

If you're reading this in December, why not get ready for Christmas with the Mr Ninja Advent Calendar?

If you have any comments, or if you'd like to reply to Mr Ninja's advert, then you can get in touch with us by emailing mrninja at this domain. (Applicants should attach a recent photograph).

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